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Samurai Time Freeze: Switcheroo

Duration: 2min 15sec Views: 404 Submitted: 2 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Nobu, Shinobu and Masa stayed around to play "hide the sword" for Japanboyz.com. The three boys are in various vignettes paired and in trios; how I do love a good "train ride." Sit back and enjoy, this goes on for a while so make sure you hold out for the last station, before "blowing your whistle." Nobu and Shinobu: This pairing starts with some hot sucking and body worship before Shinobu tops Nobu; don't worry, both get their turn and "one-in-one time." As Nobu sucks every inch of his partner's cock-ringed dick, Shinobu hardens fast and is wanting to backdoor Nobu. Sliding in, the Shinobu makes sure every inch of him is felt by Nobu. They then flip as Shinobu becomes the lucky bottom; his moans are immediate and arousing. Nobu, Shinobu and Masa: While Nobu taps Shinobu, Masa "cums" to play as well. He slides into Nobu and is the "driving force" of this train ride. From the side, all three enjoy the sensation as their "locomotion" is like the ocean. Ebbing and flowing, Shinobu puts his face in the mattress and takes it all in, happily. None of the boys blow their loads yet, oh but it's "cumming." Masa and Shinobu: Masa pairs up with Shinobu and the two get into a very passionate lip locking entanglement that has both boys wanting more. Masa then puts Shinobu on his back and gives him a pounding that has the bottom needing to "release." They then lie side by side as Shinobu strokes and Masa stimulates, areola style. Licking and tweaking his nipples, Masa watches for the "discharge of delight." As Shinobu "floods" his chest and stomach with jizz, Masa looks on, very intensely. Masa then tugs one as well, splashing up onto his stomach. Visit Japanboyz.com here!
Channel: Japan Boyz